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If you’re a sheep, we’ll make you think like a sheepdog!  If you’re already a sheep dog, we’ll help condition you to better protect your flock.   

Every day is a training day and the only easy day was yesterday!  Come train with us today! 

NTXSOA's instructors come from various backgrounds.  

All are current or former military or government special operations professionals with thousands of hours training and instructing others on specialized weaponry, self-defense techniques and survival skills. 

We’ll help you build your confidence and practical skills by teaching you how to protect yourself in real life scenarios from a safe learning environment.  We’ll customize your training or areas of focus depending on your skill set and individual goals. 

Many of you have gotten your LTC/CHL and carry your weapon everyday. Have you ever thought about "What happens if you really do have to use it?" Shooting a piece of paper is very different than taking aim at a person. The aftermath can be astounding and financially devastating from a legal standpoint. Unfortunately, even when your "The Good Guy" you could be charged criminally and/or civilly when someone gets shot. Being prepared for this type of situation is something to really think about. We have just teamed up with Firearms Legal to provide our firearm students with not only the training and physical protection they need but also the legal and financial protection along with the confidence you will need should you have to use your weapon. Visit the website for more information and contact us with any questions or to get your protection plan started.

NTXSOA consists of an elite team of highly trained special operations instructors committed to educating and training individuals/groups on a variety of survival solutions, proven to increase your chances of surviving a hostile encounter and decrease your chances of becoming a victim.  


We are a one-stop training solution.  Texas LTC certification, Basic and Advanced Handgun training, Long Gun Training, Self-Defense, Physical Conditioning, Home Protection, Crime Prevention, Situational Awareness Training,  Threat Recognition and Tactical Threat Mitigation.